There is a website that will create a modded photo into various online templates. These are showing up on FaceBook, MySpace and other social networks. I browsed through the templates they have, some use facial recognition and are hit and miss, others will just drop the complete image into a new image. I tried a few, this one was similar to one I had created in PhotoShop, to make my self-portrait into a jigsaw puzzle.

I added the drop shadow, and downsized the file as it was too large for FaceBook.

Now here is the one I created with PhotoShop CS2 with my own puzzle template layer, I didn’t know PhotoShop had one in the package.

Different original photos, but the took about 10-15 seconds, mine took… well much longer. I’ll still do most of mine in PhotoShop, as I can add my own personal items, like my real desk wood finish, or my own coffee mug. But the technology is fun.



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