Transformations (or how I put my self in the picture)

I have been asked at times how I make some of my Photoshop transformations. Example 1, me as Spock.

Totally logical

Well sometimes I’ll see an image that matches an existing headshot I already have in my archives. By using the layers feature and some masking I can often merge the two images together.  I may have to adjust contrast and colour balance to aid in the transformation.

Not a transporter accident

Next example is a movie poster from SAW V.  This came about around Hallowe’en I saw the poster, so I grabbed a profile shot of myself.

The SAW poster was in black & white, so I did my normal layers, adjustments, resized my face to match. I also went and colourized the B&W image to get a sort of colour version. I used the eraser tool at different densities to merge the “mask” and my profile…

Result is this…



About Darrell Larose

I am a highly motivated self confessed techno-geek. While rooted in traditional analog photography, I have embraced the new technologies in photography. I am just as comfortable under the dark cloth of a large-format view camera, as I am with a digital camera. I can produce award winning photographs within the darkroom, or from a digital-desktop. With 40 years of photography as a both hobby, and over 30 in the professional arena I have always produced. I am self-taught in the digital media, I have been a PhotoShop user since 1995 (version 2.5) I found the transition fairly seamless due to my long experience in labs. I have worked within various Government photo units, including the Forensic Photo Section of the RCMP, as well as various professional labs. I can easily converse with a police forensic photographer as I can with a wedding sports or commercial photographer. I have worked for several of Ottawa’s top photographers. I have worked at several pro labs. As well as many years in photo retail.
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