Images in flight


I am a self confessed aero-geek. This dates back to going to airshows with my Dad in the 1960’s. The last airshow he took us to was the 1967 Rockcliffe Air Show. Everything that the National Aviation Collection (pre Aviation Museum) were pulled out of the WWII wooden hangers, if it could fly up it went.

A replica of the Silver Dart, a Tiger Moth, a Stearman all putted through the sky… ladies and gentleman turn your attention to show left… The Spitfire blasted past in a high speed pass, the snarl of the Merlin echoed off the escarpment zoom and a climb out. Next pass was a more leisurely one with the victory roll.

Cliff Robertson’s Spitfire MK IX MK923, now lives in a Seattle museum, Spitfire photo taken at the 1990 National Capital Air Show (Ottawa), and Aurora borealis was taken in November 2004.

Next is the oldest airplane I have ever had the chance to fly in, this is Air Canada’s restored  1937 Lockheed L-10A  Electra, CF-Tcc. Trans Canada Airline bought 3 of these to start their service (re-named Air Canada in the 1960’s)


Lockheed L-10A Electa, CF-TCC

Amelia Earhart’s last flight was in a L-10A

Lockheed L-10A Electra, CF-TCC
Not only the oldest aircraft I have flown in, but to date the only “tail dragger” I have flown in. Sometimes an aero-geek isn’t at an airshow, sometimes we just hang around the fence, and wait.

Air Canada Lockheed L-1011 TriStar in service 1973~1996

While waiting for airshow arrivals this little amphibian flew into my field of view. I thought it was a little bird in a big sky. I does speak of general aviation in Canada…

Grumman G-44 Widgeon Amphibian

 Back to airshows…

The long serving Canadian Airforce Lockheed T-33

It isn’t an airshow without afterburners, here is the Canadian Airforce, front line CF-18 Hornet.

Canadian Airforce CF-18 Hornet

Some times a still life will present it’s self to a photographer.

Helmet on Tomcat

Like the helmet on a U.S. Navy F-14 Tomcat, I didn’t see Tom Cruise nearby.

Check 6




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