Another nice day for a walk downtown

One camera body, one lens… 14mm f:2.8

It was a beautiful afternoon, so I decided to grab a camera body with my 14mm lens. So I took a 10 minute walk downtown to see what graphic design I could capture. The Export Development Corporation HQ has some interest lines and curves. This stainless steel clad curved building always presents interesting opportunities.

A few blocks north I shot 55 Metcalfe Street, well I think it’s 55

I saw the bright highlights on the “55” so I exposed for the number, and let the rest fall into place. Digital to me is very much like shooting slide film, as you always expose for the highlights, and in this case I let the shadows fend for themselves. In the studio I expose for the main light, and fill the shadows as needed.

The clouds rolled on in, so I grabbed an Italian sausage from Terry’ s cart at Bank & Laurier and walked back home.



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