Yet another walk downtown

I was out and about on a sunny afternoon. Enjoying the warm out of season weather. Again I had my 14mm lens, and I again was playing with buildings.

I liked the geometrics of this one.

Oblique angles are fun to work with.

Ottawa is full or glass box buildings, all have angular faces that can be worked with.

Maybe next time I’ll wonder over to Douglas Cardinal’s Museum of Civilization, with it’s organic curves.



About Darrell Larose

I am a highly motivated self confessed techno-geek. While rooted in traditional analog photography, I have embraced the new technologies in photography. I am just as comfortable under the dark cloth of a large-format view camera, as I am with a digital camera. I can produce award winning photographs within the darkroom, or from a digital-desktop. With 40 years of photography as a both hobby, and over 30 in the professional arena I have always produced. I am self-taught in the digital media, I have been a PhotoShop user since 1995 (version 2.5) I found the transition fairly seamless due to my long experience in labs. I have worked within various Government photo units, including the Forensic Photo Section of the RCMP, as well as various professional labs. I can easily converse with a police forensic photographer as I can with a wedding sports or commercial photographer. I have worked for several of Ottawa’s top photographers. I have worked at several pro labs. As well as many years in photo retail.
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One Response to Yet another walk downtown

  1. Olaf says:

    Excellent shots and informative for a photo n00b such as myself, thanks for the link D!
    You’ll be overjoyed to know your blog is sandwiched between the great and JammieWearingFool on my reader.


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