The Large Negative …

Ok, I am really digging down deep into my archives.  These date to 1974 and 1976. I went for a walk along a local nature trail, humping the monorail view camera and large tripod all day. Finding this clump of Oyster Mushrooms on a tree. I took photo in the autumn of 1974, and I still like the photo. Possibly the only image from my first semester I still enjoy.

Linhof Kardan Color, Schneider 121mm Super Angulon, Ilford FP-4×5″ Agfa Portriga FB.

When I look at my favourite prints on Brovira, Portriga, Ilfomar, Ektalure, Gallery, Medalist double-weight fibre papers. They just have a je ne  sais quoi that pigment or ink is missing. A B&W from a mid range or better printer on glossy photo paper looks very much like a RC print. But a fine-art DW FB print is just … different.
This is the absolute last photo I took at Algonquin College photography program. I didn’t like the texture shot I took. So the last morning, of the last day of class. I thawed out some 4×5 VPS, loaded the holders. Pulled my belt off. Turned on a 2K Colortran and took this image. Fired up the C-41 line processed the film, printed the photograph, dry-mounted and handed in the photo all before lunch. My instructor asked how come he never saw the image before… I answered ” It didn’t exist before this morning!”

Linhof Kardan Color, Schneider 121mm Super Angulon, Kodak VPS 4×5″



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