Worth 1000

I am a member of Worth 1000 for several years. I have entered two pieces so far. Both have done well.

What is Worth1000?
Worth1000 is a collection of online arenas where the worlds best artists compete daily in creative competitions. Worth1000 has hosted thousands of daily competitions since it launched and is well known across the web for inadvertently triggering hoaxes, celebrity amusement and even major media scandals when an entry created here is mistaken for real. (Seriously, the Pentagon once issued a statement distancing itself from Worth1000 images).

That being said, here are my entries:

Here I entered a Photoshop Contest, and placed 12 out of 48 total.


Contest Rules

Sculpture can be beautiful and stunningly realistic. Photoshop can breathe new life into these stone-cast images preserved forever in suspended animation, and that’s just what we’d like for you to do. For this contest, take a manmade sculpture and show us the life held captive within it.

Have fun, keep it clean, be creative. Don’t forget the cliche list. As always, quality is a must. We will remove poor entries no matter how much we like you. You’ll have 48 hours for this contest, so make your submission count.

I merged my face into Zeus, and chipped away the stone so have my face emerged. PhotoShop tools included drop shadow and freehand selection to remove the stone.

My best entry was in a pure photography contest, here I placed first out of 39 entries. Worth 1000 gets more entrants in the PhotoShop and Illustration classes.


This is a Advanced level contest

In this contest we want you to bring us closer to autumn, show us the details. This does not necessarily mean we want macro shots, although they will be allowed, but simply that we don’t want the whole forest. If a whole person could fit in your image, you’re too far away.

I am happy with both images.

Darrell Larose


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