Homage to Karsh of Ottawa

Selected by Ottawa’s Harry Nowell, as his reader’s Photo of the Month (April 2011)

“Inspired by Karsh’s famous, John F. Kennedy portrait.

I always liked this study (of Kennedy by Karsh), the fact reinforced when I held this original 11×14 photo in my hand. To see an original Karsh can’t be described. For a portrait photographer it is truly holding the Holy Grail. Karsh used very basic equipment, a 1956 8×10″ Calumet view camera with a 1940’s 14″ (355mm) f:6.3 Kodak Commercial Ektar lens.

My self-portrait was inspired in terms of lighting and the profile. I opted not to be praying but I think I got the lighting close.

I opted to replicate Ilford FP-4 (my personal favourite B&W film), I added just a hint of brown-sepia to emulate Agfa Portriga warm tone FB photo paper.”



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