New big white gun from Pentax, announcement in May 2012

Here is a officially leaked new lens from Pentax.

No real information on this yet, my best guess is that it’s a re-tweak of the 600mm f:5.6 of the late 1994-2004 era. Possibly a DA* lens, and maybe $8K+

I did like the 50mm f:1.8 as that’s is a nice niche prime, and they need to replace the FA 50mm f:1.4 ($250 CAD) that was replaced with the $900 CAD smc PENTAX DA* 55mm F1.4 . I feel the new 50mm has to be priced at $150 to compete with Nikon’s and Canon’s 50mm f:1.8 lenses.

Here is the lens I would like to see Pentax update and bring to the marketplace.

Technical Specifications

Optical Formula 16 elements in 13 groups
Aperture Range f/2.8 ~ f/32
Number of Aperture Blades 9
Minimum Focusing Distance 1.4 m
Maximum Magnification 0.19 X
Special Features extra-low dispersion element(s), internal focusing
Filter Diameter 77 mm
Maximum Diameter 88 mm
Length 195 mm
Weight 1510 g
Special Features tripod collar, AF/MF clutch, power zoom
Cap plastic clip-on cap, 77 mm
Fitting Hood(s) bayonet hood: PH-RBC77
Fitting Case(s) soft case: S120-230

Here was the Pentax lens line up circa 1995~2001

Note I do have the outstanding smc Pentax-M* 300mm f:4 that was an ED lens,and I own some great manual focus Pentax primes.

Darrell Larose


About Darrell Larose

I am a highly motivated self confessed techno-geek. While rooted in traditional analog photography, I have embraced the new technologies in photography. I am just as comfortable under the dark cloth of a large-format view camera, as I am with a digital camera. I can produce award winning photographs within the darkroom, or from a digital-desktop. With 40 years of photography as a both hobby, and over 30 in the professional arena I have always produced. I am self-taught in the digital media, I have been a PhotoShop user since 1995 (version 2.5) I found the transition fairly seamless due to my long experience in labs. I have worked within various Government photo units, including the Forensic Photo Section of the RCMP, as well as various professional labs. I can easily converse with a police forensic photographer as I can with a wedding sports or commercial photographer. I have worked for several of Ottawa’s top photographers. I have worked at several pro labs. As well as many years in photo retail.
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One Response to New big white gun from Pentax, announcement in May 2012

  1. Chris says:

    “Here is the lens I would like to see Pentax update and bring to the marketplace”
    So what do you think about the new HD D FA* 70-200mm ED DC AW ?

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