Britannia Bay’s Treasure: Mud Lake

Mud Lake is a Conservation Area within the Ottawa City limits and has a pretty diverse range of flora and fauna.

I did a trip around the lake to get an idea where things were and how the light was. So I can plan a much longer photo expedition (I went for about 90 minutes). I did see, one Muskrat, but was in too much clutter for an interesting photo. About 2 dozen squirrels, including one very curious grey that approached me (I guess it thought it was a model). Countless Canada Geese and Mallard ducks. A shy Wood Duck drake that was swimming towards me and into a pool of sunlight until he was spooked by two yahoos on mountain bikes (who ignored the no bikes signs)

Several Cottontail rabbits, lot’s of grackles, red-wing blackbirds. I didn’t encounter the Black Capped Night-Heron or Green Heron that have been seen at Mud Lake.  Almost every log had a sunning Eastern Painted Turtle on it.

All photos were taken with a Pentax * ist D, and a SMC Pentax-M* 300mm f:4 lens.

A Mallard drake, the same fellow a few moments later.

A Canada Goose on her nest, no goslings peeked out from below her.


Here is a MSN Maps, satellite view of Mud Lake.


One thought on “Britannia Bay’s Treasure: Mud Lake

  1. Mud Lake is a treasure and it is the place I always return to. Ottawa is fortunate to have the Greenbelt which is a nature preserve within the city limits. Actually, Mud Lake is a plus because it isn’t part of the Greenbelt. Within the city limits of Ottawa, you can see just about all the beasties native to this area. No wolves, bears (usually) or bobcats; but there are coyotes, deer, porcupines and ermine. There is even a rare black chipmunk who has survived now almost three years.

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