The Hive!

I have been watching this hive of Common Paper Wasp (Polistes dominulus), Interesting creatures. Normally these wasps are not all that agressive which allowed my good macro-photography. 

IMGP8132 IMGP8136 IMGP8141 IMGP8167 IMGP8171 IMGP8172 IMGP8207 IMGP8214 IMGP8215 IMGP8217 IMGP8224 IMGP8227


Common Paper Wasp (Polistes dominulus), Pentax *istD, SMC Pentax-M 50mm f:4 Macro lens, hand-held. Closer shots with a Pentax 2X teleconverter added. Shallow Depth of Field is because my working distance was 2.5″ (63mm) from the front of the lens. All shot @ f:11.

Darrell A. Larose
Ottawa, Canada.



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