A downtown walk.

It was a nice sunny day today in downtown Ottawa. I try to do a 4-5km walk several days per week. I started my photo exploration on Metcalfe Street.

I was prompted to look up with this arrow. I headed over to Nepean Street.


Condos almost ready at Nepean Street and Metcalfe Street. Continuing west up Nepean…


Got to Kent Street, diagonally across from my old parish church are these towers.

New condo The Hudson.

© Darrell Larose
Copyright all rights reserved © Darrell Larose, Ottawa


Travelling a couple blocks west I ended up in front of the old family home at Nepean Street and Lyon Street.


The house I grew up in. This was the family home of my Grand parents, later owned by my parents. 335-333 Nepean Street, built in 1867. Still standing but is surrounded now. With condos on Bay St, Lyon St and Gloucester St (behind it)

Darrell Larose
Ottawa, Ontario


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