Walk downtown with a Nikon D600

Last weekend I had the opportunity to use the amazing Full-Frame (FX) sensor, 24 megapixel Nikon D600 with AF-S Nikkor 24~70mm f:2.8G ED lens. This camera has a sensor twice as large as my little Pentax ☆istD (6.1 megapixel body). The D600 is also a lot newer in technology.



Living downtown and  surrounded by new buildings, I decided to walk down Kent Street, Laurier, Metcalfe on Friday (September 26) and enjoyed a lovely summer like day.



One of my favourite new downtown buildings is The Hudson Park condo towers at Kent and Nepean Streets. It has a few Art-Deco touches to it.



On O’Connor Street at Laurier Avenue West, the Sun bouncing off the building behind me on the east side of O’Connor was reflecting all sorts of interesting patterns on 124 O’Connor. This shot I wish I had a Tilt-Shift lens, or maybe a 12mm.


The new KPMG building on Elgin Street with a church steeple juxtaposed. Late afternoon sun.

I then rigged this up for a wedding the next day, a lovely 6 pound wedding kit to carry for 8+ hours.



Sunday afternoon I walked the other direction to Patterson Creek.


Some autumnal colours are beginning along Patterson Creek. I headed up the street and found this interesting home. And a canoe paddling along.




Got to the park gate, saw this sign.



Headed to a tranquil part of the park with mature Willow trees, and filtered sunlight.



Exited on Bank Street, saw an odd bit of street art…



Was drawn to an antique Singer sewing machine in a shop window.


Maybe better sepia?



Overall the D600 performed well.


Darrell Larose


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