February winter’s day walk with the K-3II

Last weekend (February 18th & 20th) weather was well above normal with the mercury hitting 6° I took my new Pentax K-3II on a pleasant walk downtown. Saturday I mounted my SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 prime lens. At Bank Street and Somerset I photographed the colourful crosswalk.


On Laurier Avenue I saw reflections of L’Esplanade Laurier  reflecting in the windows of 269 Laurier …

At Laurier Avenue and Elgin Street I liked the play of light on the majestic Lord Elgin Hotel.


Got to the Laurier Avenue Bridge and watched the skaters and walkers.


I decided to experiment, I did a stacked four exposure composite. I like how it worked out.


A turned my lens to the left as the sun was at the start of the Golden Hour.


In Confederation Park I saw this skull ice sculpture, I closed down 2.3 stops to do the day-to-night technique.


Another ice sculpture, at Marion Dewar Place.


The colourful Winterlude stilt dancer

The Ice Hogs are well loved by the little people.


Monday I switched to my ATX Tokina 60mm~120mm f:2.8 Zoom. I saw this window with reflection at Nepean Street at Elgin Street.


I enjoyed the juxtaposition with a more modern office building.


Metcalfe Street reflections.


More reflections…


Plaza 234 (234 Laurier Avenue West) this is a gleaming stainless steel tower reflecting the Golden Hour


Standard Life Centre Ottawa is a red granite clad twin tower, east of Bank on Laurier Avenue West.


BMO Building 269 Laurier reflected in the Standard Life Centre Ottawa.




Darrell A. Larose
Ottawa, Ontario

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