Shooting stitched panorama photos… at a live concert

On Sunday July 9th, armed with my Pentax K-3II, my SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4, SMC Pentax-M 35mm f:2.8 primes and my AT-X Tokina 60~120mm f:2.8 zoom plus my Backstage pass. I headed down to Bluesfest 2017.

During the concert I did several hand-held, stitched panorama photos during Bella cat’s live performance. Main trick is to ensure an active stage presence like Bella only appears in one frame. She dances all over the stage so trickier than it seems. The rest of the band are more stationary. When framing the pano you align with objects like non moving background structures. Stitching was with Photoshop CS6.

Bluesfest three frame stitched panorama, Daniel Grewal, Bella Cat, Roxanne Lecuyer own the Bluesville Stage. Pentax K-3II with SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 prime lens. The rest are two frame panos.


Darrell Larose

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