Thar be Dragons…

Over the last weekend of July, Ottawa was visited by Kumo, a 40 ton robotic spider and Long Ma a fire breathing 46 ton dragon horse. Over 4 days these magical creatures roamed the streets of our Nation’s Capital. I was able to capture a portion of Sunday’s performance. I was carrying my Pentax K-3II and my SMC Pentax-DA 14mm f:2.8 ultra-wide lens, my SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 and my outstanding compact AT-X Tokina 60~120mm f:2.8 zoom. I find the Tokina with it’s constant f:2.8 through it’s entire range is a sweet little lens for an event like this. I went to the lawn of The Supreme Court Building where Kumo & Long Ma were napping. I personally found Long Ma to be more intriguing and to have more “personality” than the spider…

If I knew how spectacular this event was, I would have cleared my entire weekend!  The crowd was estimated to have been 750,000. There was apparent, but soft security with no cattle gates like we saw on Parliament Hill on Canada Day 150.


Darrell Larose

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