Ottawa After Dark December 2016

Friday December 9th, 2016 I grabbed my ancient 6 lb, (pre-1973) Marchioni Brothers Tiltall tripod, design was later sold to Leitz. This is a much sturdier tripod than my Manfrotto 190QCB/222 joystick head. I wanted to try a few stitched panoramic photos and the 3 way pan head on the Tiltall was a better choice. I only carried my Pentax ✩istD SMC-FA 50mm f:1.4 prime lens, and a Canon RS60-E3 electronic release. Spare batteries and CF card. First while waiting for Parliament Hill to light up, I did a Laurier Avenue West view of Ottawa City Hall.

laurier-pano3 frame panorama, Ottawa City Hall.

elginpanorama2Elgin Street 4 frame panorama.

xmaspanorama1Parliament Hill 3 frame panorama.

imgp1746“Rush Hour” vertical time exposure pan.

imgp1765 Christmas Lights, Parliament Hill, Ottawa.
imgp1778Christmas Lights, in camera double-exposure, Parliament Hill, Ottawa.

imgp1771Christmas Lights, vertical pan time-exposure, Parliament Hill, Ottawa.

Hopefully I’ll have my new dSLR camera body before they shut off the lights in January 2017.


Happy Holidays to all….

Darrell A. Larose
Ottawa, Canada

Green Christmas lights in Ottawa

In Ottawa this time of year the “Blue Hour” is between 4:30-5:00 PM. Although it was +7°C, and not a snowflake in sight. The Canal is not frozen, and had ducks swimming around

IMGP2568Parliament in the “Blue Hour” Pentax ✩istD SMC-FA 50mm f:1.4 prime lens. 4 seconds @ f:22
IMGP2572Parliament lights. Pentax ✩istD SMC-M 35mm f:2.8 prime wide-angle lens. 
IMGP2581Parliament lights. Pentax ✩istD ATX-Tokina 60~120mm f:2.8 zoom lens. f:11 6 seconds
IMGP2594Parliament lights zoom pull. Pentax ✩istD ATX-Tokina 60~120mm f:2.8 zoom lens. f:8 2 seconds


IMGP2578Parliament zoom pull, Pentax ✩istD ATX-Tokina 60~120mm f:2.8 zoom lens. f:11 at 3 seconds


IMGP2599Parliament lights. Pentax ✩istD ATX-Tokina 60~120mm f:2.8 zoom lens. f:11 16 seconds


IMGP2592NAC zoom pull, Pentax ✩istD ATX-Tokina 60~120mm f:2.8 zoom lens. f:11 for 30 seconds


IMGP2600Canal reflections, Pentax ✩istD SMC Pentax-M 35mm f:2.8 wide-angle prime lens. f:11 @ 15 seconds


Merry Christmas

Darrell Larose