Bar Rob: Malak Sound/Bella Cat: March 10th

On a frigid Saturday night, the Centretown night spot Bar Robo heated up the night with two great acts. Bella Cat & Malak Sound.

First up was Malak Sound (Malak Ghanem) who has an amazing powerful and beautiful voice.

She was followed by Bella Cat of Chelsea, Québec. Bella does a powerful Blues with hints of Janis Joplin and others in Bella’s own unique style. Her voice will fill any venue she is booked at.

Bella was backed by a great local Blues guitarist Jesse Greene.

And Bella’s longtime drummer Matt Aston. Bar Robo salutes the heritage of their building with the original store’s sign mounted behind the stage.


Until next time…


Darrell Larose
Ottawa, Canada



House of Targ: Riishi Von Rex/Bella Cat/Nile Grove

Ottawa’s House of Targ is an unique venue, last Thursday March 2, 2017 they had three Ottawa Bands on stage; Riishi Von Rex/Bella Cat/Nile Grove. I used just my new Pentax K-3II with my SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4. The random colour switching LED spotlights changed colour throughout the performances.

First up was Riishi Von Rex with Michel Delage.

Next on stage was Chelsea’s Bella Cat.

Olivier Taché guitarist for Bella Cat.


Bella Cat video shot with my Pentax K-3II dSLR with SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 prime lens, hand-held.

Next up was Nile Groove; Roxanne Lecuyer (vocals), Steve Patterson (tenor saxophone), Robbie Rigg (guitar), Abe Loboi (bass), Salah Adam (drums).

Abe Loboi (bass)

Video shot with my Pentax K-3II dSLR with SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 prime lens, hand-held.

This was an high energy evening…


Darrell A. Larose
Ottawa, Canada

Bella Cat Rocks the Atomic Rooster: January 22, 2017

On Sunday January 22nd, I took my Pentax K-3II and SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 to see how it performed in low light, My old Pentax ✩istD was not a good low-light high ISO camera. I shot mostly at ISO:3200.

I did crank the ISO way up on this frame.


ISO:51200, 1/1600s f:4.0, Pentax K-3 II, SCM Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 prime. Reminds me of Pushed High Speed Ektachrome slide film on the 1970’s.
















Taken from outside though the windows…



Darrell A. Larose
Ottawa, Ontario

Bella Cat rocks Zaphod’s

Up and coming singer songwriter Bella Cat appeared live at Ottawa’s Zaphod Beeblebrox night club. She is a powerful performer.