Freelensing the Pentax K-3II

Freelensing is a technique used with interchangeable lens cameras in both film-based and digital photography. The lens is detached from the camera and held in front of the lens mount by hand during exposure. This allows the lens to be tilted or shifted creating a similar effect to a perspective control or “Tilt-Shift” lens, only […]

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Going Buggy into Autumn

Today was the first day of Autumn, the thermometer was still hitting 27 degrees. Headed back to the Sunflower patch. Spotted another species of wasp, but it wouldn’t stay still long enough to photograph. Eventually colder mornings will slow many of these insects down. Once again I carried my aged Pentax ✩istD SMC-M 50mm f:4 Macro […]

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Going buggy!

It was another nice above seasonal, 25 degree late summer day in the Nation’s Capital. I popped my old manual focus SMC-Pentax-M 50mm f:4 macro lens onto my Pentax T6-2X to my aged Pentax ✩istD body.  All these photos required me to be 50mm from the lens front to the subject. Several skillsets are required, […]

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Back to the Sunflower patch, breeze was lighter today, than yesterday. I was looking at stinging insects, the blooms were visited by Honeybees, Paper Wasps, mud Daupers and Bumblebees. First is a very abstract image. The flight of the Bumblebee, abstract.  Pentax ✩istD SMC-M 50mm f:4 Macro lens with Pentax T6-2X Rear Converter, flash fill. Honeybee, […]

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Busy as a Bee

I was checking out the Sunflowers, and saw the Bumblebees hard at work. I mounted my old SMC Pentax-M 50mm f:4 Macro lens (1:2) lens. Bumblebee on Sunflower, July 18, 2016, Pentax ✩istD SMC-M 50mm f:4 Macro lens. Bumblebee on Sunflower, July 19, 2016, Pentax ✩istD SMC-M 50mm f:4 Macro lens. I repeated the shoot […]

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Sunny Sunday

Today was a lovely sunny Sunday, locally the Sunflowers and Day Lilies are in bloom. Sunflower, July 17, 2016, Pentax ✩istD SMC-M 50mm f:4 macro lens. Sunflower peek-a-boo, July 17, 2016, Pentax ✩istD SMC-M 50mm f:4 macro lens. Sunflower, July 17, 2016, Pentax ✩istD SMC-M 50mm f:4 macro lens. Day Lily, Sunflower, July 17, 2016, […]

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Dancing Flora

One of the little used features of my antique Pentax ✩istD dSLR camera, was it has the ability to do in-camera multiple exposures. I can do up 9 exposures in a single frame. Trick with a multi exposure, is you reduce the exposure by one stop per frame, so a double-exposure you close the lens down […]

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Spring heat wave

The mercury has hit 30° plus the past few days in Ottawa. With this instant summer flowers have burst open. We had a light shower and I saw these irises catching nature’s spotlight from a shaft of sunlight that poked a hole in the clouds. Iris after a spring shower, May 27th, Pentax ✩istD AT-X […]

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