Freelensing the Pentax K-3II

Freelensing is a technique used with interchangeable lens cameras in both film-based and digital photography. The lens is detached from the camera and held in front of the lens mount by hand during exposure. This allows the lens to be tilted or shifted creating a similar effect to a perspective control or “Tilt-Shift” lens, only with a lower degree of fidelity. The result is a combination of selective focus and light leakage which are used creatively to create surreal imagery. Because of the increase in flange-focal distance, this technique is most successful with closeup or macro photography, where Infinity focus is not essential.

The lens used does not necessarily have to be native to the brand of camera, since it is not physically attached to it. In addition, the lens may also be reversed for Macro photography. By shooting through a normal to wide-angle lens backwards, increased magnification can be achieved. One of the by-products of freelensing is the introduction of “light leaks” which can be controlled to some degree and produce toy-camera like effects.

So yesterday (May 16th, 2017) I decided to try it. I grabbed my Pentax K-3II and my SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 prime lens. I set the body to AV exposure mode & the lens aperture on manual wide-open at f:1.4 composed using Liveview.

Tulip, unmounted 50mm lens, Pentax K-3II with SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 prime lens. #FreeLensing.

Tulip, unmounted 50mm lens, Pentax K-3II with SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 prime lens. #FreeLensing.

This should only be attempted on a dry dust free location, unless sensor dust is wanted. I may explore this with my retired Pentax ✩istD body.


Darrell Larose

February winter’s day walk with the K-3II

Last weekend (February 18th & 20th) weather was well above normal with the mercury hitting 6° I took my new Pentax K-3II on a pleasant walk downtown. Saturday I mounted my SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 prime lens. At Bank Street and Somerset I photographed the colourful crosswalk.


On Laurier Avenue I saw reflections of L’Esplanade Laurier  reflecting in the windows of 269 Laurier …

At Laurier Avenue and Elgin Street I liked the play of light on the majestic Lord Elgin Hotel.


Got to the Laurier Avenue Bridge and watched the skaters and walkers.


I decided to experiment, I did a stacked four exposure composite. I like how it worked out.


A turned my lens to the left as the sun was at the start of the Golden Hour.


In Confederation Park I saw this skull ice sculpture, I closed down 2.3 stops to do the day-to-night technique.


Another ice sculpture, at Marion Dewar Place.


The colourful Winterlude stilt dancer

The Ice Hogs are well loved by the little people.


Monday I switched to my ATX Tokina 60mm~120mm f:2.8 Zoom. I saw this window with reflection at Nepean Street at Elgin Street.


I enjoyed the juxtaposition with a more modern office building.


Metcalfe Street reflections.


More reflections…


Plaza 234 (234 Laurier Avenue West) this is a gleaming stainless steel tower reflecting the Golden Hour


Standard Life Centre Ottawa is a red granite clad twin tower, east of Bank on Laurier Avenue West.


BMO Building 269 Laurier reflected in the Standard Life Centre Ottawa.




Darrell A. Larose
Ottawa, Ontario

Another outing with the Pentax K-3II

After what seemed like daily cloudy, ice pellets, rain, snow. Ottawa finally had a break from the winter greys. This outing I took my Pentax K-3II and my SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 with the Pentax Circular Polarizer.


Ghost sign of George Snider’s photo studio that operated around circa 1900.


Laurier Avenue West at Bank Street, L’esplanade Laurier


Telus Building on Slater Street with Alt Hotel.

_img0745Export Development Building O’Connor Street side.

Laurier Avenue West at Bank Street, L’esplanade Laurier


Laurier Avenue West at Bank Street, L’esplanade Laurier.

The Pentax K-3II at 24.35 megapixels gives a fair bit of file overhead so minor perspective corrections that were impossible on my retired Pentax ✩istD.


Darrell A. Larose
Ottawa, Canada

A walk on a winter’s day with the K-3II

Day 5 with my new Pentax K-3II camera, today the weather was a pleasant winter day at -8°, instead of the -21° we have been “enjoying”. I grabbed my 3 kg Marchioni Brothers Tiltall tripod and mounted my SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 Prime lens. I went out for a afternoon walk. On Gloucester & O’Connor Streets I liked the juxtaposition of the stainless steel clad Bank of Canada and the new KPMG building with the old church between them.



On the Laurier Bridge I created a 90 megapixel 4-frame panorama.


While on the bridge, I looked down. I was attracted to the scarred ice surface. I waited until a had three people in a triangular composition.


While shooting I dropped my glove off the bridge, a skater kindly grabbed it and placed in on the canal wall below so I could retrieve it. I went down the stairs to the canal and retrieved move glove, and I liked what the light was doing on the geodesic wall of the Shaw Centre.


A bit of NIK HDR added to the image. I took a series of the structure.




On my way home over Nepean Street and Bank Street to over Kent Street as far as Gladstone was a huge Murder of Crows. Below is a section of them over Florence Street, near Bank. Far too many to count, but clearly hundreds of them.




Darrell Larose


First outing with my Pentax K-3 II

Battery fully charged this morning, it was a nice sunny mild day today in Ottawa.  The mercury touched near 5°, it was a good day to walk about in Centretown Ottawa. I mounted my smc Pentax-DA 14mm f:2.8 onto my brand new 24.35 megapixel Pentax K-3 II. My trusty 2004 6.1 megapixel  Pentax ✩istD is in semi-retirement, perhaps I’ll convert it to an IR camera. All the following frames are ISO:100 in DNG+jpg raw mode.








NIK HDR effect in post.




I am looking forward to exploring all the features the new camera has. First studio like test.


Now retired, my old Pentax ✩istD, cracked LCD screen cover and all. Shot with the pixel-shift mode that exposes each pixel 4 times. That feature creates a 107 MB file.



Darrell A. Larose
Ottawa, Canada

Enhancing photographers with NIK software

Google recently released their NIK software suite into the public domain. I decided to play with some of the tools on my recent Mud Lake nature photos. I normally just use DFine2 to clean up sensor noise. I decided to open up the shadows and enhance shadow detail that was normally lost.


imgp1163NIK Dfine2 to clean noise, then NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 to open up the shadows.


imgp1163-bSlightly different cropping . . .

Then I opened this image:

Before: I do like the image, but let’s see what we can do.


After #1: Brightened up, this is how I imagined the scene.


The NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 can bring up lost feather details. So I tried merging the two images each in a Photoshop CS6 layer and adjusted the opacity.


The opacity was adjusted visually for the look I wanted.


Darrell A. Larose
Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa Autumn at Patterson Creek

The leaves are turning and we have frost in the air. Thursday was a wonderful above seasonal fall day, so I took a walk over to Patterson Creek in downtown Ottawa. It will be drained starting Tuesday for the winter.


O’Connor Street Bridge Ottawa, October 7th, 2016. Pentax ✩istD SMC Pentax-M✩ 300mm f:4 prime lens.

In the center of the park is, The O’Connor Street Bridge, a single concrete arch bridge spanning Patterson Creek in the Glebe community, was designed by Canadian architect Francis Conroy Sullivan in 1907. Sullivan was the only Canadian pupil of well known architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  The O’Connor Street Bridge has been designated as an Ontario Heritage Property.


Fall colours reflecting in the water makes for interesting abstracts. Pentax ✩istD SMC-M✩ 300mm f:4 prime lens.

But it is Autumn, so fall colours are of interest. All are taken with my Pentax ✩istD SMC-M✩ 300mm f:4 prime lens. I tend to use backlight in my fall leaf shooting.




This fall we haven’t had the explosion of colour as we had in past autumns, but some colours are intense


Darrell Larose
Ottawa, Canada

AUGUST 10, 2016, Les grands feux Casino du Lac‑Leamy fireworks: Team Netherlands

AUGUST 10, 2016, Les grands feux Casino du Lac‑Leamy fireworks: Team Netherlands (Holland). Pentax ✩istD SMC Pentax-M 50mm f:1.4 prime lens. 4.6 seconds f:16. I met up with a handful of local photographers. Most are with my 50mm prime, and a few with my 35mm prime. I like to set my White Balance to 3400K.










I’ll be shooting again on Saturday for Team Estonia show.
Darrell A. Larose
Ottawa, Canada
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Dancing Flora

One of the little used features of my antique Pentax ✩istD dSLR camera, was it has the ability to do in-camera multiple exposures. I can do up 9 exposures in a single frame. Trick with a multi exposure, is you reduce the exposure by one stop per frame, so a double-exposure you close the lens down by 1 full stop.

My first attempt was these Spring Beauties, 3 exposure frame of this grouping.


I was hand holding to enhance the dance.  I did one frame way out of focus, and 2 frames with a slight focus adjustment, the breeze also added to the “Dancing Flora” effect. Next is a 4 exposure, and was slightly overexposed for a more airy effect. I enjoy how it looks like dragonflies in flight.


I was hand holding hence the solid unmoving wall is repeated. The tulips I did one frame way out of focus, and 3 frames with a slight focus adjustment, the breeze also added to the “Dancing Flora” effect.

A slight exposure adjustment with a 5 exposure image first and third frame out of focus like one does for the Orton Effect.


Now I did a triple exposure one frame out of focus, with the following exposures adjusted on different blooms.



Finally I noticed my Ferns were being shaking by my air conditioner exhaust.  I liked the visual effect so I went with a 4 frame exposure I focused on the frond in each layer. I added a bit of grain with Photoshop CS6.


Overall there is some hit-and-miss with this technique, but when the image works it becomes magic.
Darrell A. Larose
© 2016 Ottawa